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Seek Justice for All

Learn to do right; seek justice;
Defend the oppressed.
- Isaiah 1:17


“It is our goal to enlighten and educate the citizens who pay to support the Prison System of Montana.  We are committed to bringing enlightenment by shining the light on the current conditions of imprisonment of Montana. 

We hope to bring about a positive change in the manner in which Montana prosecutes, punishes and incarcerates its prisoners by the hundreds.  Many prisoners have served the time required by the law and yet they remain behind the walls.  Some die in the prison warehouses without ever getting justice. 

The time has arrived to address the injustice that is occurring in Montana at this time.  We want be a force to break down the Walls of Indifference, Prejudice, Poverty, Suppression of justice, and Bring Accountability to the system. 

The actual cost in dollars and the waste of human resources is staggering.  Keeping so many behind the Walls is overwhelming to many of us who think the time for change has come.”

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